Is Your Garage Door Not Opening?

Is Your Garage Door Not Opening?

In a situation whereby your garage door refuses to open at any time of the day, there are things you can do. These will ensure the problem is fixed in the most effective manner. Keep reading for some of the ideas that may help you resolve the problem.

Replacing Batteries in the Remote

First steep is to always replace the batteries in your remote or wireless garage door keypad. It is common problems as simple as dead batteries. If that doesn’t work, try the following:

Is the Garage Door Opener plugged in

Although this may sound incredibly simple, one major reason why an overhead door may refuse to open is its power cord failing has become disconnected from the outlet.

Checking the circuit breaker

A breaker can trip due to electrical surge. Check the breaker panel of your home. Make sure the breaker which powers your garage door opener it in the “ON” position. If you find it’s in the “OFF” position, flip it back to the “ON” position. Once you have reset the circuit breaker trying the garage door again.

Check whether the door was locked

Most garage door openers have a “lock” or “vacation” mode. It is usually located on the open button or panel near the door into your home. If its in the lock position, then turn that feature off and try opening again.

Is the trolley disconnected?

Trolleys usually move along the belt or chain drives anytime garage doors are closing or opening. Every garage door opener has a pull-cord for manual opening of the garage door. You can engage or disengage by pulling the rope hanging from the rail (usually it is red). With this, the trolley will be disengaged anytime you want the door opened by hand. Check to be sure the cord hasn’t been mistakenly pulled. If you notice it has been pulled open the garage door manually until in reengages.

Realign or Clean the Safety Sensors

This is also known as photo eye. It tends to hover 4-8inches above the ground on inside of the garage door track. It detects if children, pets or other items are on the garage door’s path. In a situation where anything is sensed, it will prevent the door from closing. If the photo eye is misaligned or dirty, the door should not close. Most photo eyes have an LED light on each sensor. Make sure that both lights are solidly lit. If not, then clean them and adjust slightly to get both lights to be strongly lit. After cleaning or adjusting, try opening door again.

An Off-Track Door

This is usually dangerous situation and can lead to injury. Call Security Garage Door right away to get this situation resolved.

Broken Torsion Spring

Modern garage doors have torsion springs that are extremely powerful. These are located above the doors (horizontally). Anytime, the door gets lowered, the spring is going wind up tightly. This will help in creating a pulling force through which the door can be lifted. As time goes on, the torsion spring is going to break due to wear and tear factors.

The opener won’t be able to open such door again since it is very heavy. A Security Garage Door repair will also help you by quickly and expertly get your garage door repaired and working like new. We highly discourage anyone from trying to replace their own garage door springs. Doing so can lead to severe injuries.

I’ve tried the above now what

It is possible you have tried all the solutions revealed above without any success. There is no need to worry because Security Garage Door can handled all garage door repairs from spring repair to new garage door installation and everything in between. So call (480) 744-8553 now.