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Garage Door Installation

Garage doors are the most critical security addition to your home. They protect your car from theft or other harm inflicted by ill-intentioned neighbors. They also protect against bad weather, dust storms and other natural calamities. If you have a garage space near your home, it is best to cover it with a door. Alternatively, you can convert an existing closed space in your backyard into a garage by adding a custom garage door. The garage is a healthy investment in your property because of its parking benefits and the extra storage space it provides for your home. Our professionals at Security Garage Door AZ put a lot of time into understanding your garage door needs before providing you with the most cost-effective and prompt solution.

Scottsdale Garage Door Installation

Curb Appeal

Our garage doors are beautiful and tuned with the latest trends and styles in the market. They will add a glamorous appeal to your house, making it very agreeable for insiders and outsiders alike. A custom garage door makes your home more aesthetic, synchronized and energy-efficient. Some users also opt for custom-made skins for their garage doors that represent something they believe in or are close to their hearts. A well-designed garage set-up with appropriate backyard lighting can make your home a haven to live in, with its own exciting picnic spot. We are the best service for custom garage doors in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Wooden Garage Door

We are one of the very few businesses in Arizona that provide custom-made wooden garage doors. Wooden garage doors add a very stylish touch to your home decor. They can be opened upwards (one door) or sideways (two doors) and are made of highly polished internationally-acclaimed wood. You can experiment with the materials and colors of your wooden garage door. Typically, garage doors are made of oakwood, plywood, cedar or idigbo. They come in various colors and a range of varnishes that you can choose from our personalized color card.

Garage Door Installation Scottsdale

Glass Garage Door

We provide glass options in our custom-made garage doors. They are very modern and fashionable and give a stunning makeover to your home decor. Depending on your preference and need, they are available in multiple styles and colors. While transparent glass doors can allow you to let others take a sneak peek at the brand new car you’re incredibly proud of; frosted glass garage doors give a finished look to your garage while still retaining the secrecy of what is inside. The glass used is very high-quality and resistant to cracks and damage. Also marketed as Smart Doors, these sleek coming-of-age designs give a fantastic visual appeal to your home and add an element of attractive safety and security. 

Other types of Custom Garage Doors

Because of its cost-effectiveness, the most common garage door is the steel garage door. But it is often too sturdy, prone to damage and lacks the chic look you associate with a wooden or glass garage door. Some customers prefer aluminum doors, especially garage doors that can be operated manually. Another popular material is vinyl for its aesthetic appeal and ease of use. They are also cost-effective and one of the most preferred options in the current market. Fiberglass is another material that generally comes under glass options for garage doors, but it is less resistant to damage than other thicker kinds of glass. However, with regular maintenance and repair, all these materials make great options for custom garage doors.


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